ProBios - Probiotic


The benefits of using the ProBios product in soil cultivation:

  • creation of granular soil structure;
  • acceleration of organic mass decay and the creation of humus layers;
  • regulation of air-water interaction;
  • decomposition of toxins including pesticides;
  • elimination of putrefaction;
  • elimination of pathogens (e.g. fusarium) and pests;
  • enhancement of assimilation process of macro and micro-elements which are normally difficult to access by plants;
  • elimination of the plow pan;
  • considerable growth of the microbial flora, aiding the biological activity of the soil;
  • growth of the amount of the micro-organisms rhizosphere;
  • optimization of carbon/nitrogen ratio;
  • reduction of the financial outlay per ha (lack of necessity of annual liming, limited fertilization by mineral fertilizers, lower fuel consumption).
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ProBios product used directly on plants, during their vegetation, results:

  • increased resistance to ground frost, drought, diseases and pests,
  • increase in the natural immunity of plants,
  • improvement in rooting of plants,
  • stronger and more equalized growth and vigour,
  • increase in the assimilation of the nutrients from the soil,
  • bigger and healthier crops,
  • reduction of the financial outlay (reduction in use of the chemical plant protection products and chemical seed dressing),

Example usage:

  • Grasslands:
    • 2 sprays a year during the vegetation period: 20 liters per hectare (sprayer with capacity 300 – 500 liters).
  • Winter green crops:
    • For after-crop, straw or stubble – before plowing 25 liters per ha (for sprayer with the capacity of 300 – 500 liters).
    • Spring during the vegetation period : 2 sprays 10 liters per ha each (for sprayer with the capacity of 300 – 500 liters).
  • Spring crops:
    • Before seeding 25 liters per ha (for sprayer with the capacity of 300 – 500 liters).
    • During the vegetation period: 2 sprays 10 liters per ha each (for sprayer with the capacity of 300 – 500 liters).

ProBios Plus Compost

ProBios Plus compost is a universal microbiological product based on the live fermentation bacteria, which:
  • Rapidly decomposes and composts green waste from gardens and orchards.
  • Composts the organic waste form the household.
  • Accelerates decomposition of the rotten straw, hay and leaves, all kinds of manure turning it into a valuable organic fertilizer.

Exemplary doses:

  • Garden compost bin: 1 liter of preparation diluted in 10 liters of water per 1 m3 of waste.
  • Composting of manure, rotten straw and hay: 10 liters composting 1 m3 of waste.

Probios Plus for garden

Probios Plus for garden is solution composed of lactic acid live bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and 19 herbal extract.

Used with M-5 it helps to combat fungal leaf and fruit diseases as well as deters insects (phytophthora, diprionidae, weevils).

Use the solution for:

  • detering plant insects (flies, snails, phytophthoras)
  • avoiding plant fungal diseases
  • avoiding fruit and vegetable rips & cracks (after rain)
  • conditioning soil, especially before planting new plants

Recommended dosage:


Solution: 1:100

When to spray: spring-autumn at least once every 2-3 weeks


Solution: 1:50

When to water: spring-autumn at least once a month.

Solution is permitted to use in ecological gardens, is not harmful for people, animals and plants and is 100% biodegradable.

M-5 Plus

  • Soil conditioning
  • Decomposes leftovers after yield
  • Strengthens natural plant immunity to disease and insects

M-5 Plus - universal microbiological solution for:

  • Prevent insect spread (spittlebug larvae, hidden creep, spring cabbage fly, snails)
  • Prevent diseases originated from mold
  • Soil pathogen removal
  • Soil detoxication from chemical solutions that were used for plant protection

Solution is safe for humans and pets and is 100% bio-degradable. It does not contain pesticides and it is not genetically modified.

Suggested dosage:

1-2l of M-5 Plus solution to be mixes with 10-20l Probios solution and combined with 300-400l water. Used for spraying 1 hectare.

Caution: Spaying should be done when it is overcast, before rain or in the evening.

Disclaimer: Supplier, manufacturer or distributor is not responsible if solution is not used according to direction.